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ITBM (information technology business management) as the name suggests it’s about managing business with the help of information technology.
Demand Management
Demand Management is an application that focuses on strategic requests from the business to IT and automates the steps in the investment decision process. … It gives the ability to assess, track, manage, and accurately raise demand for products and services.
Resource Management
Resource management is the process by which businesses manage their various resources easily. Those resources can be imperceptible- people and time – and imperceptible – equipment, materials, and finances. It does planning so that the right resource is assigned to the right task.
Innovation Management
Innovation management is also known as Idea Management supplies a well organized, secure collaboration space for idea generation and progress towards innovation. The goal is to allow the organization to respond to the ideas and opportunities as the case may require.
Project and Portfolio Management
Project portfolio management (PPM) is a process used by project managers and project management organizations (PMOs) to calculate the potential return on executing a project. Project portfolio management gives organizations and managers the ability to see the big picture.
Application Portfolio Management
Application Portfolio Management aims to formulate an EA vision that makes the business objectives feasible, responds to strategies, is constant with architectural principles and standards, and addresses the concerns and aims of key stakeholders.

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ITBM is a set of workflows and tools for developing, delivering, and managing business services. ITBM helps you gain more visibility into your portfolio management helps to get more control of your business strategies resulting in better outcomes, helps in efficiently tracking the real-time progress of your business decisions. In short, align your business to its goals, strategies, and needs better.
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ServiceNow ITBM

ServiceNow provides a wide range of applications:

Demand Management: This application addresses strategic and operational demands to help us in creating a centralized application and assessing the demands.

Resource Management: This application enables people to request resources to create resource plans, request resources, and analyze resource availability and utilization.

Project Portfolio Management: This application addresses the portfolio, program, and project tracking. Handle activities right from the initiation of a project/program to the completion along with financial planning are addressed here.

Agile Development: This application provides solutions to develop applications using agile methodology from creating and planning to manage the releases, sprints, and stories.

Test Management: This application provides a tool for manual software testing.

Financial Charging: This application is part of financial management and helps in reporting the financial aspects of a service to stakeholders.

Financial Planning: This application facilitates planning, managing, and performing tasks related to the budget.

Financial Modelling: This application clears the way for auto-allocation and auto-run of workbench allocations.

Application Portfolio Management: This application addresses the application portfolio for managing and deciding the budget.

ITBM helps in?

IT Business Management helps you deliver what the business needs are, what the deliveries are the timelines associated with them to expedite the process. Business processes in IT management tend to provide accurate, reliable, and resourceful information within shorter timescales as all the information is computerized and automated, with relatively lower human required for repetitive tasks.
IT business management allows various opportunities in reducing costs by bringing in multiple software and tools in the organization therefore saving various operational costs and lowering the manpower required. It also allows us to streamline business processes, bring teams together even if they are located in some other part of the world, promote collaboration, and bring everyone to a platform to share a common vision.
Therefore, the applications of management in the field of Information Technology are critical to the success of any organization.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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Copyright by Collatenet. All rights reserved.