Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Not getting enough customers? Try DIGITAL MARKETING.

Digital marketing is the fastest growing marketing channel in the world. It consists of marketing based on a targeted audience, generating a good conversion. Here we are not talking about the audience but about a targeted audience that shares a similar domain.

Why Digital Marketing

 The number of the audience going online is increasing every day. With this, we see opportunities growing with the rocket shipping speed. Everyone needs to ask themselves why aren’t they involved in Digital Marketing?

At the initial stage, marketing is always about reaching the ideal audience at the right time. Due to the advent of the digital age, it is easy to find the right customer interested in buying the product that you sell or a service you provide. 

It has almost always been picking and navigating the right digital marketing channels to fit your business goals.

  • Versatile 
  • Getting maximum reach 
  • Instant communication 
  • Instant real-time results 
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Easy to reach the target audience
  • Easy to measure and optimize campaigns 
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is promoting services and products through digital platforms/devices or technology. Digital marketing uses search engines, social media platforms, emails, mobile applications, etc.

Digital Marketing around us

The ability to reach millions, probably billions of users using just your laptop and some skills in Digital Marketing.

Let’s take an example of a typical Advertisement in a newspaper before we begin with what Digital Marketing is. This is an advertisement for Dwight Garner’s book “Read me” on the front page of The Newyork by dwight garner.

Let’s assume this Ad has been published only in the city of West Virginia on a typical day. The number of total TNT subscribers in West Virginia is around ~ 5 lakh copies every day.

The approximate cost for setting up this ad would be around Rs. 91 Lakhs which will be seen by approximately 5 lakh people. Cost/view = Rs. 18.2

What percentage of people do you think will pay attention to this Ad? 10–15% at max? This is almost 75,000 people. Let’s take 1,00,000 as a safe number.

How will Dwight Garner and his publishers know how many people purchased or pre-booked the book because of this very advertisement? They won’t, right?

According to me, this is a very inefficient form of advertising. You are spending almost Rs. 91 lakhs to potentially reach out to just 1 lakh people. That’s almost Rs. 91 per impression.

Traditional marketing channels involve – Banner Ads near roads, Fliers, Newspaper Ads, Posters, etc. None of these channels give you important insights into how your marketing campaign is performing, because you can’t measure important metrics like :

  1. Number of people viewing the Ad
  2. Time spent viewing the Ad
  3. People who visit the website/store to inquire more
  4. Number of people who buy because of the said campaign
Types of DIGITAL MARKETING channels:
  • SEO ( Search engine optimization): Used to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic from search engines to your website.
  • SEM ( Search engine marketing): Also known as PPC ( Pay per click), CPC ( Cost per click), sponsored search, google ads, and a lot of different names. SEM is using paid ads on search engines and other websites. And SEM is all about providing visibility to your website at a price.
  • Email marketing: This comes under the traditional digital marketing channel. Used for high-quality lead to customer conversion by sending emails to the target audience.
  • Affiliate marketing: This involves a business paying commissions to one or more third-party sites or entities for advertising the products with referrals. 
  • Social media marketing: This type of marketing involves creating content for different social media platforms to promote services or products.
  • Content marketing: Effective technique of creating and distributing valuable online content (images, carousels, videos, blogs, etc.) for the target audience.

Mobile marketing: This strategy is for reaching the target audience through mobile devices ( such as tablets, smartphones,etc.) via SMS, Emails, and applications installed advertisements


Collatenet is not just a service provider or just another company but it is a family of potential sellers and digital clients.
What we value the most?

We value every query and our dedicated team made many projects possible with excellency to prove their potential.

Our vision

Collatenet’s Digital marketers have a vision of creating client relations with worldwide 1000 customers to make them and their products known to interested clients by enabling 24×7 support.

Our principles
Without facts and principles, data is useless.

So we focus on making intimate relations with our clients rather than considering them stupid because we value time and our company treats emailing as a privilege, not a transaction.


If your content is fire our team will turn social media into gasoline.

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright by Collatenet. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Collatenet. All rights reserved.